Today, the main authors of the User Data Manifesto have announced the release of version 2.0 during the ownCloud Contributor Conference in Berlin.

“The version 1.0 was instantly very popular and I got a ton of positive feedback and support. But over the time it also became clear that a few things could be expressed in a simpler and clearer way. So the idea came up to do a revision of the manifesto based on all the feedback” says Frank Karlitschek who launched the initiative in 2012.

“The recognition of the User Data Rights defined in the manifesto is an important block to build a free society in the digital age“ according to Hugo Roy, coauthor of the User Data Manifesto version 2.

The publication of the Manifesto is supported by:



The User Data Manifesto is a starting point, a humble contribution to the greater debate on rights and freedoms online that can hopefully help raise awareness.

Read the full text of the User Data Manifesto here.