1. what’s the difference between personal data protection and user data rights?

    Data is called personal data when it identifies a person, called the data subject. But the data subject is not necessarily the user of the data.

    For example, if Alice uploads a very boring photo of her friend Bernard; the data of that photo is both personal data because it identifies Bernard (the subject), but it is also user data because it is Alice who uploaded the photo somwhere: she is the user.

    For more information on the distinction between copyright, data protection and data rights.

  2. what’s not user data?

    User data is not necessarily private data and does not necessarily relate to a person or contains personally identifiable information. Thus, this manifesto does not aim at modifying personal data regulations, but rather aim at complementing them.

    Anonymously “dumped” data, e.g. on pastebin, or data that can be edited directly by anybody, e.g. a public etherpad, do not usually deal with user data.

  3. what other initiatives are there?

    We maintain a page of related initiatives.